Our Mission

Carolina Thrift is a community-oriented sustainability initiative that works to reduce needless waste in Chapel Hill. The project’s purpose is to extend the lifespan of items that are usually disposed of by conducting collections of used items at the end of the school year and hosting a large-scale discount sale in August. Carolina Thrift’s mission is to encourage socially responsible consumerism, provide the UNC-Chapel Hill area financial relief, and build Carolina’s community.

Our Origins

Carolina Thrift was founded when members of UNC’s Greek Sustainability Council, Epsilon Eta and Student Government’s Environmental Affairs Committee were brought together over their shared interest in creating an off-campus collection system in Chapel Hill’s community. A donation practice has been in place for students who live on campus, but nothing existed for students living off campus before Carolina Thrift. Our strategy was developed as we grew to a team of 14 directors in the Spring of 2018.