The Sale

Our inaugural sale took place on Saturday, August 18th from 10 am to 4 pm in the Great Hall of Carolina's Student Union.

We totaled over $5,000 in profit from the sale which will go towards its continuation in the coming years, adding new events during the school year, and starting a sustainability fund on campus for other environmentally focused student organizations.

We were shocked to see people lining up outside the event an hour before it started and over 1,300 people made their way through the sale within the first hour and a half.

We are extremely proud to have helped people from all areas of the community save money on furnishing their homes and rooms through the sale.

Our success with the event and the public desire for affordable and sustainable alternatives for back-to-school shopping awed us.

We want to thank everyone again for coming out and supporting our efforts to reduce waste and encourage reuse in Chapel Hill.